Monday, October 31, 2022

Where We're Going Next! (And a Happy Halloween!)

It's handshake day, and I just accepted a handshake to my top choice job in Dubai! I'll be a Political Officer there starting next year. (Because a few have asked: yes, I'm still planning on staying a Public Diplomacy-coned officer. It just felt like the right time to try a reporting tour.)

I could do an extensive blog post about the ups and downs and especially the last minute twists and turns of my bidding experience, but in the end we got exactly what we wanted and couldn't be more excited. As those close to us know, Dubai is M's dream post. He already started planning his perfect Dubai life in advance, and it's been so fun to watch. I think S is going to love it, too.

It will be my first time working as a reporting officer (a term used to describe Political and Economic Officers) and my first time working at a consulate instead of an embassy. I'm sure I'll learn a lot and am looking forward to it.

By coincidence, handshake day fell on Halloween this year! We did a family costume: S was a baby shark, M was attacked, and I was a lifeguard. I thought it was pretty cute. Wishing everyone a successful handshake day and happy Halloween!

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