Monday, December 24, 2018

In Praise of Relaxation Vacations

Not every vacation has to be an "adventure vacation." Sure, backpackers or extreme sports enthusiasts might scoff at that, but there's nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned tranquil escape. Don't let anybody tell you that you have to do x, y, or z to have a "proper" vacation. Everyone has a different style and it's important to do what you enjoy because at the end of the day it's your time and money!

This was our attitude towards our very brief stay in Eswatini on our way back from Lesotho. If you're unfamiliar with Eswatini, it might be because the country only just changed its name from Swaziland this year - yes, 2018! Apparently the king is an absolute monarch and can just do that unilaterally. (You can learn more about that here.)

We stayed in a little slice of paradise called Summerfield Botanical Gardens. It was a luxurious resort that definitely lived up to its name with a beautiful collection of flora clustered around winding stone paths. The rooms were huge, and the place was full of delightful surprises like this peacock whose silhouette I snapped hanging out on top of our breakfast room.

So take it from someone who truly, deeply loves adventure vacations: sometimes a relaxation vacation is just what the doctor ordered... and there's no shame in that.

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