Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Where Crocs Fight for Chicken Legs

Sticking with the catching-up-from-Mombasa trend and my last post on Fort Jesus, I had to write a little bit about Haller Park. It was one of the last places we visited in Mombasa, and you can tell we were kind of dying from the heat at this point in our photos.

Haller Park is an amazing experience for families in particular, because it's a cross between a forest and a zoo where you can walk around a series of trails and see some animals behind fences while others just walk freely around you. (Do you spot the animal in the photo below?)

Luck isn't so much a factor at Haller Park, as you're pretty much guaranteed to see many different animals, but there aren't lions or other dangerous predators roaming around, either. We even enjoyed the company of a huge tortoise that must have been quite old.

The park also has scheduled feeding times, so it's less of a true wilderness experience but you do get to see the animals very close. The highlight of the park and its most famous attraction is the crocodile feeding. We were shocked at the vast range of crocodile sizes, including the largest one we'd ever seen. They competed for a series of raw chicken legs dangled over the water by one of the park rangers. We were very impressed by how high they could jump and learned that the sound of crocodile jaws snapping shut is a surprisingly little "pop"!

It's easy to see why Haller Park is such a hit with locals and tourists alike. It's inexpensive, safe, and especially exciting for children. We would definitely recommend dropping by for anyone visiting Mombasa (and especially those traveling with little ones).

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