Sunday, August 20, 2017

We Fostered Baby Elephants!

We "fostered" two baby elephants! No, unfortunately, they don't live with us... But we are paying to support "our" orphaned elephants.

Let's rewind a bit. In a previous blog post about visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, I mentioned you can choose to foster a baby of your choice. I fell so in love with the orphans we met at the elephant sanctuary that I decided to foster one. Yet, after looking online, I realized that my heart was sold on not one but two of the babies and I convinced M to agree that we needed to become the proud foster parents of both of them!

It's time for the big reveal... Our babies are... Malkia and Luggard!

Malkia was found by her sick, dying mother. Her mom was a legend in Tsavo, their home region, esteemed as one of the oldest matriarchs with recognizably beautiful ivory. (She is the origin of the calf's given name "Malkia" - "queen" in Swahili.) Here's a taste of her personality (from the description on David Sheldrick's website): "Malkia has thrived in the Nursery, aided by her forceful nature. She is a very determined and mischievous little girl, whose presence here has certainly been felt. Despite being so young when rescued, and under such sad circumstances, she has settled fast; loving and affectionate to her Keepers from the outset."

Luggard suffered two leg injuries in his few first months of life, shot by humans and left broken, infected, and swollen. He was lagging behind his herd and in desperate need of intensive medical care. His herd would have been forced to leave him behind if he had remained with them. His caretakers named him "Luggard" after the area where he was found, and he slowly began to heal. Although his back leg will never return to normal, he insists on playing with the other elephants and brings an enthusiastic spirit to everything he does. His caretakers say: "all who met him marveled at his determination and feisty spirit, as despite his injury, his pain, and the incomprehensible reason one so young would be targeted this way, how in the face of such suffering, such loss, he remained so positive was inspiring."

Isn't it easy to see how impossible it was for me to pick one of these two? They're both perfect. You can foster your own elephant online for only $50 per year and help David Sheldrick's save babies like Malkia and Luggard. Pick an orphan here and learn more about the work David Sheldrick's does with these orphans here.

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