Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Excrement Occurs... Sometimes

Last night, with 20 days to go before our start date, the 190th A-100 received our exemption from President Trump's hiring freeze. After months of the mental and emotional rollercoaster of wondering whether we would have jobs or if we would be indefinitely delayed, this is wonderful news.

Yet, it's worth mentioning that our experience could probably be considered decent preparation for what to expect in the Foreign Service. We could arrive to a dream post only to be evacuated for security reasons later. We could be forced to resign from the highest position we'll ever have due to politics. A spouse's illness could temporarily break up the family. All of our most treasured belongings could be dropped into the ocean mid-shipment. Almost anything can happen in this career, so flexibility and adaptability to change are crucial! This recent episode was a good reminder of that truth.

Sometimes, "excrement occurs"... we just happened to be lucky this time.

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